I've noticed that since hanes have switched to vietnam to manufacture their underware the quality has suffered greatly. Are these made in Vietnam?

asked on July 22, 2016

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Anyone who isn't Vietnamese and saying the quality is fine, is wrong. Vietnam is famous for those of us who are Vietnamese, for making products that have terrible quality.
· March 28, 2022
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Yes they are. But that is not the fault of the Vietnamese. Hanes is responsible for quality control. The quality of these was OK but the fabric seems to be getting thinner and thinner each time I purchase them. I would rather pay more for thicker cotton. I may switch to another brand if the cotton gets any thinner.
Henry Guinn
· July 22, 2016
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I have given up on Hanes. The polyester is not comfortable for men at all. It is very difficult to find cotton undies that last more than 4-5 washes. This is ridiculous. I see the day coming when they will fold as a company.
The Mace
· February 2, 2023
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Ignore Sean's response. As I write this I have a old pair and a new pair on the desk and there is no doubt they are different, and not for the better. I still wear them...they are good, but the old ones were better. The material is the issue. I have been buying these for along time. A couple years back they switched manufacture from India to Vietnam and at that time changed the fabric and the label (different tag and moved it to the side rather than the middle. The old ones were slightly thicker, but much softer material and lasted longer. I still have a few of the old ones from years ago, but the new ones wear out faster.
General Chaos
· September 5, 2016
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Yes, and my experience is that they are not the same as what I bought at Hanes.com 2 years ago. Greatly inferior, tighter with less material - ride lower on the waist.
Wayne Schafer
· December 28, 2016
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They state they are made in the Dominican Republic. I think the quality is great, and my husband agrees!
· July 22, 2016
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Seems like they're made anywhere there is cheap labor.
· February 1, 2023
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Yes but they are just the same as they have always been
· July 22, 2016
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Yes. They are.
J. Hood
· July 22, 2016
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