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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 26, 2022
This item appears to be good quality and certainly does the job. When I plug it in, my phone now indicates it's "super fast" charging. The charger gets slightly warm but it's of no real concern. Even without the folding prongs, it's smaller than my old chargers. I don't know why the product description specifies iPhones; this charger should be fine for any phone which uses this standard. I use it for a Samsung but I'm sure it'd be fine for my Pixel too. It's kind of pathetic that phone manufacturers don't include chargers anymore, but this item is a good choice and is much cheaper (and smaller) than if I'd gone through my phone manufacturer - I even got an additional (holiday?) discount.

Note: I have earbuds from the same manufacturer (Anker Soundcore). They too are a quality product and continue to work well a year later. Made in China.
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