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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 26, 2023
My husband is 70 and he mentioned to me about replacing his "tighty whities" with boxers. I was thrilled because since I buy all of his stuff, I knew the "new" boxers of today were the cotton ones, not the old kind my Dad wore and my Mom ironed them. lol So I decided on these. They are true to size. He is a 3x and I bought the big men 3x in assorted blues. Great colors. Wash them first before wearing and the instructions inside say "don't add fabric softener", so I left it out. He's been wearing them a couple of days now and told me how nice they are. They also don't hug the "jewels" tightly like the old tighty whities! lol I'm so happy I bought these. Another great Amazon purchase. I think Jeff Bezos should start sending me Gift Cards for being such a loyal customer. : ) UPDATE: Purchased another package for my husband. I think 14 prs will be good for his drawer. He threw out all of the tighty whities!
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