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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 4, 2023
Update: Anker reached out and refunded the cost of the cables. The other cable seems to work fine. I received a dud, which is a first for Anker products for me. Anyway, they made me whole so that's good. Original post below.

I love anker products, probably have over $1000 worth of chargers, cables, power bricks, etc. But for whatever reason this pack of cables doesn't work at all with my Pixel 7 Pro. It doesn't even register a charge. Could be a faulty pack, I'll have to test the cable with other devices later, but just be aware that bad cords exist out there for this product, so don't be like me stuck at 20% with a whole day ahead of me and one cord that doesn't work.
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