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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 11, 2023
The process In short:
--When my TV went out I searched the interent to see what I was doing wrong. i had Audio but no picture. I took a flashlight up to the screen I could see an image but from a far it was Black, like it was off.
All the internet videos said "its the backlight.. Toss it!"
--The TV cost me $379.99
Man, Am I glad I got an Asurion plan! No joke.
I Called to file a claim.
They assigned me a local company.
Who in turn asked me my schedule... they assigned me a tech and a time that worked for me.
and with in an hour of the tech arrival -- I had my Brand New TV working again!!!
No other fees or charges.

Now the Tech experience in Long Format.
(for anyone a little skiddish about someone coming to your home.)
He arrived Right in the 3 hour window. Introduced himself. I Was in the middle of reorganizing and he made NO COMMENTS (Score!) I showed him the TV, he took a special light out and said "Do you mind if I use your living floor so i can spread out?" I said SURE! he took the TV off the mounted wall carried it to the floor and got to work.
I asked if wanted Water or Tea.. he politely said "no thanks!"
I checked in on him every so often. he took apart the whole tv... fixed the broken backlights. he had EVERYTHING in his truck.
I tried to leave him alone to do his work but I stepped in and inquired.. he explained what he was doing, I was amazed at the hundreds of tiny screws! HE said "The process is taking apart the layers is key.. They don't make it easy!!" lol
when he finised he let me know.. he carried it back up I showed him all my plugs I needed back in. We tried it out. BAM! it was even brighter than when I purchased it!
he said, "Looks good?" I said BETTER than good!
He said "yeah these backlights I installed are stronger and more relliable than the ones they use in manufacturering, so you should be good for a long time -- . But If you EVER have an issue we'll come back no charge!"
I won't disclose whether I tipped him or not because that is between him and I. But I felt like buying him a Steak Dinner!
My man and The Asurion plan saved me $400 from buying a new TV.
This was one of the best things I purchased in a LONG time.
HIGHLY Recommend!
And I'm more inclined to buy from Amazon knwoing I have this plan that covers all my new purchases. No Separate Insurance on each device. One Umbrella policy. That is CHEAPER than the manufacturers!
It's a no-brainer.
I fell ike telling everyoneI meet! haha!
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