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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 17, 2022
There are obviously faster chargers out there....for more money. There are chargers with more ports....for more money.

For the price and for exactly what I needed, this charger is fantastic.

USB-C with IQ detection, cant complain there.

GaN tech is much more efficient and produces so much less heat than normal chargers. Even after bringing my iphone 14 pro from 25% to 95%, it still feels like it wasn't even plugged in.

Foldable prongs. I love when charging bricks can be made even smaller, and folding down the prongs does that but also protects the prongs, increasing the longevity of the product.

Overall size. For 30 watts of power, I dont think you can get much smaller than this. This will fit in any travel bag and wont add any significant weight.

Charging speed is fantastic. My iphone went from that 25% to 95% in about 25-30 minutes. Even when Im at 60ish% and want to plug in for 15 minutes before I leave the house, I can still get it up to about 75%.

Size, foldable, fast, powerful, efficient. Can it really get any better for the price?? Doubt it.

This is by far my favorite charger.
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