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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 21, 2023
TL:DR - Great unit, but overpriced. 65W output is misleading (a 45W port and a 20W port), but unless you frequently find your laptop running out of juice on-the-go, it’s more than capable of meeting most needs.

I’m an Anker devotee. This marks my 4th power bank from them (which I still have and all work great) and I won’t stray from the brand anytime soon. It’s an exceptional unit with a couple caveats.

Most notable is the price; it’s very expensive compared to other brands with comparable specs. I got it on sale after the 535 was recalled, for just about $15 more than paid for the 535. I would not have bought this at full price, but Anker did not have a suitably-spec’d unit at the same price point as the 535.

If price isn’t an object I cannot recommend it enough. It’s the first power bank I’ve owned capable of charging my laptop. That’s a nice touch.

It’s a big boy, but not too big you cannot take it with you most anywhere. I bring it around all the time, and it is no more cumbersome than some predecessors.

One thing I do miss - although I don’t know how well it worked - is the dual-port recharging ability. As far as I know, only the outermost USB-C port works to input power, and it would have been nice if both ports could serve for input and output.

Another thing, as others have mentioned, is that 65W is misleading. One port will output 45W and the other 20W so arguably one might be able to make the 65W claim, but I don’t see any way this can provide 65W to a single device. I don’t need that much power, really - these are for power in a pinch not really as a primary source of power - but I get why the complaint exists.

My only other gripe is minor - Anker’s mesh sleeves used to fit their power banks snugly. Now they’re VERY loose around the unit. I am using the sleeve from the old 535 on this and it fits perfectly, just as the old models used to. The one that comes with this finds the bank positively swimming around inside.

All in all, I’m glad to have this, but would have waited for a 535 alternative at a better price point had this not been on sale. It has a few downsides but Anker remains as reliable as ever.
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