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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 26, 2023
This a thick and warm sweat shirt to have on cold nights. It is easy to move around in and it has a very simple design. It does have a zipper as well if you want to zip up to make it into a turtle neck. There are no designs on this is it is just a simple color sweat shirt. I do love having this because it is thick enough to keep me warm but not too big where it can be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. This sweatshirt keeps me warm when my place is a bit nippy. It is great to wear on this cold days but it is a bit thick to be worn under a jacket. It is not water proof or resistant. It will definitely absorb water and become much heavier so I do not recommend it getting wet. The material on this sweatshirt is not prone to shrinking from what I can tell. You cold just do a simple cold wash and air dry which I actually recommend. This does soak up sweat so may not be the most ideal sweater for workouts nor would I actually recommend working out in this. This may work well for a brisk walk. The sleeves are nice but the ends are not very well stitched. You can see some of the stitches coming off. Also if you sweat a lot, the material may get uncomfortable around the wrist. It can actually chafe. I found this normally goes well with most clothing as the lighter color matches pretty much everything. Overall I think this sweatshirt is beautiful and comfortable. It does stick to your skin if it is wet which can be irritating. It work great with normal outings or even home usage. It is definitely not the thinnest or lightest material material but it is warm and comfortably. It fits as expected.
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