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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 13, 2023
I work while traveling (have been on the road for 2 years straight), and this battery helped me tremendously. The foremost reason for me to buy this is its capacity to charge a working laptop (mine is Lenovo T470s), which needs 19V/ 65W of power to charge and function normally.

- Being on the bus or in a national park, this battery adds at least 3 - 5 more hours on top of the existing power stored in the laptop, so I don't need to run around looking for electricity when works happen,
- Being in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon forest or a desert in Africa and wanting to open one or two movies for the children there to see,

On top of that, this charges itself and charges my phone and other devices really fast, so I can give my devices a quickie and use them rather than taking them in and out of my packs, which would be prone to street robbery. In this aspect, the many ports help a lot too in case you have many devices (a sure thing if you travel long term) and don't need to do trade-offs between devices. Another thing I like is the smart chip, it automatically cuts off charging if the devices are full so I don't need to worry about charging devices overnight or overheating anything while charging in my pack.

One important note is the device might come to you not perfect, and as an electronic device goes, it can go haywire. Mine came with the screen missing one or two display sticks and later stopped working while charging from a solar panel in the Amazon. In both cases, the Baseus team responded quickly. For the former, they refunded me 50%, and for the former, they sent me a new one. Baseus team might be a new player, but their tech works, and their team is really serious about making customers happy. And I am a happy customer.

Another tip, I also bought Baseus GaN2 4 Ports Fast Charger 100W to fast charge this 30k W monster, it helps a lot too in saving charging time. Again, imagine if you are in Africa and the place you can charge is one hour walk from your village, you want the charging to happen quickly.
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