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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 29, 2023
I’ve always purchased Anker power banks. They last for years (until loaned to child who manages to lose it!). This one isn’t for carrying around on a daily basis because it is just too heavy. But if you’re going on a trip or perhaps you need to charge multiple times or multiple devices, this is the perfect power bank.

I did have concerns about charging my iPhone in the port that has a laptop icon over it. And I also had concerns about it being too powerful and damaging my Apple Watch or AirPods. But this is the response I received from the Anker: please know it will not damage your phone if you charge it (your iPhone) with the USB C port marked for the 45W laptop, since the charging voltage will vary based on the needs of the device.

And if the trickle charging is not open, it will not charge your Apple Watch or iPod, and there is no damage.

Please know trickle charging mode is designed to provide optimized charging to low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories. To activate, press the power button twice or press and hold for 2 seconds until the LED indicator turns green.
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