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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 1, 2023
I had bought this battery for my travels given the capacity as well as its ability to charge my laptop. The importance of this product is that it's very convenient to use and reliable to maintain a long lasting charge. My phone can be charged back up from 20% to 100% and it would only use about 10% of the capacity of the battery. My laptop has a USB C port that charges with a 65W charger, making the battery a perfect fit for my use. I can also use my 65W charger for my laptop to also charge this battery, making it very convenient to use the two. It's been able to recharge my laptop from 0% to 100% and use maybe 80% of the capacity of the battery. I usually don't resort to using the battery until I find it absolutely necessary when my laptop prompts it's running low.

However, during my regular use, I have dropped it once, not from an uncomfortable distance of 3 feet, and hit the ground. The ports on the device were all wedged in the case and the power button would not work. Further, none of my cables could make contact with any of the charging ports to recharge the device, rendering it a useless paperweight. I imagine it would've been possible to fix in some capacity but I didn't want to mess with it further. I applied for the warranty.

I had sent an email regarding the warranty directly to the customer care email on 2/13/23. I got an email back on 2/19, about a week later inquiring more details and the store it was bought from. I got back a day later on 2/20. Three days later, on 2/23, I was directly served by a customer service representative allowing me to share my details and video of what happened to my device, which I shared later on 2/25. A day later I was able to apply my warranty and receive a replacement, which I filled details on 2/27. The same day on 2/27 I was given details of delivery and I have received it on 3/1 today. I checked all the ports again and charging capabilities and happy everything works again.

Thus I conclude my story of reaching out for the warranty of the device and my experience. I am very satisfied that I was able to be directly served although it did take some time. I would estimate it should take about 1-3 weeks to be able to apply the warranty and explain your case. When I got the attention to describe my scenario, I'm very happy that I was accommodated very quickly.

I like this product a lot and happy that I was treated well in my endeavor for a replacement. I highly recommend this product for it's functionality and encourage people to reach out when you have a problem with your device. This is my first time every using a warranty and I am very satisfied I was treated well.

P.S. I can only give the product a 4 for traveling because although I highly enjoy this product, dropping it once broke my device and that is rather inconvenient given how variable traveling may be. I would recommend getting a case to store it properly or have a means of protecting it in case it can fall, like rubber corners to absorb shock. But it's comparably small size for what it can do does constitute it a portable battery that can serve its purpose very well. Just handle it with care!
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