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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 23, 2022
First impression is that it feels bulky even knowing the weight and dimensions - but I’m sure there was a reason for it’s shape. I used to put my other power bank and phone in my pocket while I needed immediate power, but not going to happen with this charger.

If you travel often and aren’t worried about an extra 1.5 lbs and you plan to use mostly while your device and power bank are on a table or in your bag, think this unit is great. Could also be used while carrying around, but I can’t see myself carrying this plugged into my phone fumbling through the airport - I’m bound to drop it.

I like the charging information on the device - actually shows you the speed it’s charging at (Watts), the amount of time remaining to charge to 100%, and the temperature of the power bank. I didn’t buy it for that, but it’s nice to have and I did mess around to see if the numbers they quoted when charging once vs two devices is actually what I saw - they were. Could also test out some cords to see if they are better or worse than others. Chances are, if you’re buying this, you already know the power rating of your cords and have a dedicated PD USB C. I don’t have the PD 3.1 (think that’s what it’s called with 140W output), but had a cal digit thunderbolt 4 which is rated for 100W and I saw close to 100W charging with it on my iPhone 12 Pro Max plugged in by itself.

Haven’t tried:
1. Traveling with it on a plane yet (not sure if this one is allowed - if it isn’t, I may have to return it)

2. Pass-through charging (charging power bank and personal device at same time) to see what the experience is CS what they claim

3. Looking up optimal way to recharge power bank. They don’t tell you on the page or the manual that comes with it, so will have to look it up. Like should you charge only when battery gets to certain level instead of topping it off. I know the rules for my iPhone, but somehow, my battery life is still $hit, so who knows. They show some fancy graphics on advanced battery engineering, etc - I wish they would tell you, either “don’t worry about the battery health and when to charge or if you’re screwing it up bc we’ve figured it out” OR “charge when at x% to fill battery most of the time and you’re good”. I’ll feel stupid if they clearly tell you this on their page so happy to revise it if it’s there.

Overall, happy with it. - will revise after travel and after a few months. Happy charging.
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