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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 26, 2023
This Anker power bank has a premium build, feel and features. With just one button, it's easy to use. The unit came 12 percent charged. That's not acceptable. It should come fully charged from the factory and ready to go. Was it not charged at all? Did it lose its charge during storage and shipping from the factory? Am I going to lose this much power every few weeks in storage? I don't need to ask these questions.

The unit accepted a 125 watt charge from a 140watt charger using the supplied 140watt cable and was fully charged in an hour. My most power hungry device consumes 60 watts and this power bank supplied that with effortless ease. The one button makes it a no brainer to use. I wish a suction cup base was provided just like Anker does with it's chargers so this unit can stand upright. Also, it deserves a better case than the supplied pouch, which will allow the screen and device to get scratched if I keep charging cables with it. I don't like scratches on my tools, especially the screen.

This power bank will charge the Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab D7 plus at Super Fast Charging 2.0. My unit has charged my Samsung galaxy S23 thrice from 20 to 85 percent and has plenty of power left. That's cool. I can easily charge my tablet, phone and watch simultaneously. I don't plan on charging at 140 watts all the time as both the charger and this bank got really hot. Use this method only if traveling and time and power access are limited such as airports.

The number of screen views is a totally useless feature and I want to be able to turn this off or reset. Perhaps replace it with hours of use, either charging or discharging.

Overall I still rate it 5 stars. Awesome purchase. I love it.
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