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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 16, 2023
As a 65W charger, it's fantastic. While it is true that the wattage drops when you have multiple outputs being utilized, I feel that most people would be using at most two at once. This isn't meant for charging your laptop as you should get a 90W charger for that, but if you're charging a phone or two, 65W is enough.

The thing I dislike the most about this charger compared to others is how long it is. If your charger is not laying on top of a power strip, and instead is hanging vertically either from a wall outlet, the weight will actually cause the charger to be pulled from the socket if you accidentally bump into the USB cables. Now this is mainly an issue for people with older sockets, as some newer homes or newer sockets tend to have more secure sockets that prevent this from happening. However, not everyone upgrades their sockets and this can be a problem if you aren't careful. I would hope in the future, Anker reconsiders the weight distribution.

Update 2/20/2023
Shortly after posting my initial review, Anker actually contacted me and tried to resolve the issue. I was offered a different charger that looked to have a better build quality than the 735 GaNPrime or a full refund on my purchase. I opted for the refund because I didn't have use for two chargers, even if I don't really like the 735 that much. Added one star for Anker customer support, very impressed.
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