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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 8, 2023
So I bought this battery bank for my steam deck and s22 ultra to be charged on camping trips and road trips when I was away from my vehicle or hotel room. The first one charged and discharged twice before bricking its self. I put in a return request, they sent out a new one before I'd even sent the old one off and all was well after a couple days. I then had the second one for a few months and it worked so well my night shift coworker stole it on his way out the door when he got fired. I now have my third (hopefully the final) battery pack and have to say it works pretty well. I like the fast charging on my devices, tons of ports incase the kids need to charge all their stuff at the same time, and it charges my phone multiple times over. It triples my steam deck battery life depending on what game I'm playing and it holds up to the 45w it draws. I cannot speak to it's performance at 65w charge but 45 charge/discharge is great.
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