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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 8, 2023
Couldn’t believe this could replace my MacBook Pro (96W) charger. It’s so much smaller! Since I rarely need to charge all of my devices at one time, I now can travel or commute with just this one charger for the work-provided 16-inch MacBook Pro, iPhone, personal 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple Watch and various Bluetooth audio devices. Again, I’m not using all of these things at once. So I can keep the large MacBook Pro plugged in during the day while charging the phone, then charge the small MacBook, watch, and earbuds at night. Or even unplug the large MacBook for a short time to charge up the small MacBook, while keeping a smaller device charging too. I’ve just never lacked for charging power just taking the 737 with me and nothing else.

There are two downsides to this charger. The first is remembering the configuration and combination of port usage and max output per port. It is very confusing. If you just use one USB-C, the max output is 100W, but if you use both USB-C ports, the max combined output is 120W. Same if you use all three ports, including USB-A. It can get even more confusing, so I just try to think most powerful draw to least from the top port down and don’t exceed 120W total draw. That usually works out fine. But look at the Anker site or Amazon product page images carefully to understand it before you buy. Just don’t expect the full 120W out of one port.

The second drawback is that this charger is very heavy for something that plugs into the wall. Anker includes what amounts to a brace to keep it plugged in if the charger won’t support itself without coming out from the wall. But it’s not great having to travel with a detachable brace. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it yet, and I’m tempted to leave it at home. But of course that will be the exact time I need it. (I should note this charger easily plugs into the typical power strip and the weight actually helps keep it plugged in vertically.)

As noted, this was my go-to holiday gift in 2022. The amount and overall volume of chargers the 737 displaces for the average office professional is impressive. Nearly anybody who commutes or does even minor traveling will appreciate it!
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