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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 4, 2023
I saw a review listed where a person left a bad review simply because they did not understand how the case operated and they clearly had not installed it. A couple of points: The case is in two separate pieces: top and bottom. The pieces are not hinged or in any way connected. The top of the protective case fits perfectly and snuggly over AirPod Pro2 case. It does not easily come off and is surprisingly secure by design. The bottom part of the case fits snuggly over the bottom. No adhesion such as tape is necessary. It is a precision fit. The built in rocker latch keeps the top and bottom securely fastened. There is a built in magnet on the top and also bottom of the case where the latch is attached. They are mounted where similar charges repel one another. When you unlatch the top the opposing magnets act as spring mechanism thereby opening the case. Very clever. All charge ports are easily accessed. This is really a well designed case and I am admittedly a hard to please individual.
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