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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 26, 2023
Anker for the win as usual! This is now part of my massive collection of amazing Anker products. Had my eye on this for over a year waiting for it to go on sale. Got it for $109 before tax. Worth every penny. Loved it so much I bought my wife one a week later.

Legit charges at 140 watts as long as the device supports it. Keep in mind that many laptop USB C ports are only 65 watt ports, so don't be mad when it charges your laptop at 65 watts. It's the laptops fault, not this charger.

I have a 140 watt USB C charger too and it happily pumped 140 watts into this bad boy to charge it back up. Both of them have a display so I was able to see 140 watts on one and 139.8 on the other. Close enough for me lol.

The screen on this thing is pretty too. Nice glossy finish. I am very happy with this charger. It is a little heavy, but keep in mind there are like six 18650 batteries in there. The capacity for the size here is excellent.
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