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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 5, 2023
1. It’s extremely difficult to find this purchase in your order history. It *will not* come up in a search for, example, “Asurion,” or “unlimited,” etc.

I have this one and three other single-device protection plans with them, those three came up in a search but this one did not - I had to manually scroll back through all Amazon purchases I made for the last year to find it (I order a lot so finger got a good morning workout).

2. You can post reviews (this one for example), but can’t post questions—like you can with every other item that you purchase on Amazon.

3. There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit your payment method - better not close the account your payment method is linked to or need to change the payment card number !

You can cancel the subscription if you go to My Account - Memberships & Subscriptions. It is easy to find there and, presumably, cancel, as there is a cancel button. Although I haven’t tried to do that so I don’t know if there are any additional hoops to jump through (probably, considering).

I wish that:

1. This purchase was easier to find in the order history,

2. You could post questions on its product page,

3. And, that there was a way to edit/change the relevant payment method. Perhaps if we could post questions (see sketchy complaint #2), people could help each other with things like this? Just a thought.
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