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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 5, 2023
I have mixed feelings on this charger, but absolutely do not believe it's worth the full price. They claim 140W charging, but I do not believe that to be true. I can't charge it beyond 45W when using a 65W charger with it (granted it could probably charge faster if I had a faster power brick). Charge speed of the powerbank is not my primary concern.

In a teardown video, it's shown there are 4 batteries at 4,000mAh. So my math shows their battery power is at 16,000mAh, not 26mAh, as advertised. While I've always thought highly of Anker, lying about what you are purchasing is not a good look and has killed my thoughts on the company as clearly their standards are not as high as I thought.

I also found charge times to be so slow, you'd absolutely be better off going out of your way to find power than to use this product. Here is what I found in testing:

> Charging OnePlus 8T (capable of hitting 65W over 10V @6.5A with total capacity of 4500mAh) can only charge between 5-12W with an average of 10.1W. It did hit 20W for the first 10-30 seconds, but quickly dropped. While normal top up from 0-100% takes 30-35 minutes, it took 1 hour and 41 minutes to charge from 15% to 100%, which is the longest charge time I've ever seen on this phone. Even the older style USB cables plugged in on a random USB port typically charge at 18W on average, so this product instantly disappointed. So my phone took around 3.5x longer to charge using this powerbank.

> Charging OnePlus Earbuds on a Rapid Charger typically takes around 10-12 minutes to charge from 0-100%. This product has a 520mAh battery. Charging on this charger they averaged only 2W of output power from the powerbank and took 40 minutes to charge from 30%. So my earbuds take well over 3x to charge to full when you account for the extra 30% the earbuds still had.

> Charging my Dell XPS 13 Laptop with a ~7,027mAh battery was the only time the powerbank came close to it's advertised charging speeds. It was capable of averageing 41.5W, with the max supported XPS charge speed of 45W (so the only product I actually got proper speeds). This depleted the Anker battery quickly and showed that the Anker powerbank is absolutely lying about their battery capacity because it depletes the entirety of the Anker battery before the laptop can charge to 100% after charging the 2 devices above 1 time each, neither from 0%.

Total charge between all the devices: ~3-5x longer than if you have AC power, absolutely does not reach anywhere near 140W of output as most fast charge batteries require cooling to be done on the power brick, which this device isn't capable of. While a theoretical maximum of 140W output might be possible if all the cooling is done on the device end and not the charging end, these are largely false claims made by Anker which I can prove do not line up to normal real world charging speeds unless you happen to have a device that doesn't support standardized fast charging (circa 2023 standards).

Would not recommend product if you are concerned about charging times or actual charging capacity.
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