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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 23, 2019
It's always a real pain to try to find good underwear, and the crazy advertising these companies do doesn't help the matter. Fortunately, amazon publishes the material composition with percentages, but Hanes doesn't on either their website or the package, they just vomit a bunch of marketing diarrhea all over the package/site.

I've had success with Hanes 95% Cotton/5% Spandex "X-Temp" long leg boxer briefs in the past. These are my go-to daily underwear but unfortunately, for some unknown reason, you can't get them in basic colors, and the colors you get are assorted, so you might get one that's black or grey (with a dumb neon accent color of course) and 2 fruity colors. This is basic men's underwear, not uniforms for the pride parade. Stop it.

Since you can get this particular model of boxer brief in more subdued colors, I decided to give them a try. Here are my impressions after 1 week of wear in various situations.

1. The biggest problem by far is that the elastic around the leg is too stretchy and lacks the compression force to hold itself in place. Walk around, or god forbid do some sort of athletic activity, and you're going to find yourself picking the material out of your crack on a regular basis. This problem is compounded by the fact that the "modal" they add to this blend make the underwear more slick, and more likely to move against the skin. Contrary to other "modal" underwear you may own. these do not feel luxurious. They feel like cheap polyester.

2. The second issue is that the big wide waistband that looks like it would be wicked comfortable? Yeah...that just doubles over immediately. It's not necessarily uncomfortable doubled over, but it's odd and makes the wide band pointless.

3. Knowing Hanes products, the longevity is likely to be poor. I expect holes in these inside of 6 months. They're thin and prone to easy damage.

4. The only reason this is a 2 start instead of 1 star it just because they are at least cheap. Hanes is a value brand, and it's why they are popular. You don't need to spend $50 on a pair of underwear. This makes it even more ironic when Hanes uses advertising words like "Platinum" to describe a $3 pair of underwear.

One last word. Hanes, if you're reading this...just stop it with the over the top marketing crap. No-one cares about all your trademark "technologies" and writing "platinum" on the package just makes you look like buffoons. It's men's underwear for crying out loud. give us a "good" "better" "best" structure, with simple to understand distinctions between the options, and PUT THE MATERIAL COMPOSITION ON YOUR WEBSITE AND THE PACKAGE.....
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