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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 16, 2023
Seems like a pretty good charger. I have charged 2 s23 ultras with it and they both get super fast 2.0. It feels like very good quality. It's a little heavy but I would rather have heavy and a premium feel than cheap and light. It can droop in outlets because of size and weight and I don't feel like the provided suction cup attachment really sticks very well. I think for the price it should come with at least one good cable. I bought a pack of 2 also anker which you have to for super fast 2.0. The cable that comes with s23 ultra will not support 45 watt charging, which is ridiculous samsung should put all of this in the box for how expensive these phones are. Overall good charger though and should be a little future proof even if samsung steps up their fast charging. Again I love the quality it's definitely a premium feeling device. It does get a little warm but that is only when I charge multiple devices which is understandable. Anker makes good stuff. Come on samsung and apple though not putting this stuff in the box is pretty ridiculous. Should at least be an option if you want a charger or not. I will be looking into different companies for my next smartphone. These anti consumer tactics are getting pretty old. There are other companies that still have great unboxing experiences. S23 ultra is a excellent device but overpriced for what you get. Samsungs and iphones used to come with everything you needed now they come in a little cheap box with nothing.
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