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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 19, 2022
I bought power bank back in july because i had 3 upcoming vacations before the end of the year and waited till now to give it a full review. I was specifically looking for something that could charge anything. I decided to get this power bank because it takes usb-a and usb-c cables and since Apple is now only offering usb-c cables with its products, i thought this was perfect. I have a few good pointers and a few bad ones so here they are:
- this charges my iphone pretty quickly. Within 20 mins it adds about 35% additional battery life
- it has 4 usb-a ports, and even while charging multiple devices at the same time, it still charges them all pretty quickly
- it charges my ipad pro. This is a big deal because not every power bank is able to charge an ipad pro
- the battery doesn’t deplete when not in use, which is great because there’s no charging power going to waste when nothing is connected
- it shuts off on its on after a few mins when not in use, so it saves it charge
- i get about 3 full charges for an iphone pro max

- this power bank is really heavy. It’s extremely heavy. I’d say it’s heavier than a pound, which is an inconvenience when you are traveling light and are carrying a small purse. This will take the entire space
- this doesn’t charge usb-c so BEWARE! It’s such a shame because i bought it hoping that i would be able to use my usb-c charging cables and that is not the case. I find this very misleading from the seller as they advertise usb-c but they don’t tell you right off the bat that it only works to charge the power bank itself, but not to charge the actual devices. Big thumbs down for this.
- it takes about 12-14 hours to charge the power bank. I am not kidding, it literally takes that long to charge it to 100%. Multiple times I’ve left it charging overnight and the next day it’s barely at 65% there. It’s insane
- i bought this for $35, and throughout these couple of months I’ve sometimes seen it advertised for as low as $24, so it’s a con for me that i paid a third more than i could’ve paid for the exact same item.

In general, my experience has been ok, but this could definitely be a better product than what it currently is.
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