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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 4, 2022
I don't like elastic bands that have to stretch too much and then put too much pressure on my waist and leave a mark when I remove the underwear later. I got the 2X Large size, which was one size larger than suggested for my actual waist size, and it just put the minimum pressure needed to keep them in place, yet leaves no mark after wearing them for hours. The material is very breathable and after a minute or so you won't even be aware you are wearing them. Very comfortable. There was another major brand I tried, but aside from being too tight in the waist, there was some chemical in their elastic waist bands that triggered an allergic reaction and left a itchy rash all around my waist! As soon as I saw that, they went right in the garbage!

One slight problem I encountered, though, with these Fruit of the Loom Boxer briefs. My 3 pack contained two black and one gray "standard" length pair and I noticed that they had a bit of a chemical smell to them right out of their pack. I washed them each by hand twice in hot soapy water followed by rinses in hot fresh water. I noticed that when wringing out the two black pairs, they initially released a lot of dark dye into the water. These repeated washing have almost completely removed the chemical odor and they don't seem to be losing as much dye now. The smell and the dye loss will probably be gone with another few washings.

Most importantly, these briefs fit somewhat loosely especially where they surround the thighs. The pouch gives one's "equipment" just the right amount of room. They are very cool and comfortable. There's no button down fly on them. Instead they just use the overlapped panel approach which is fine.

I can recommend these "Fruit of the Loom" men's briefs. But, for maximum comfort, I recommend getting the next larger size than that listed for you actual waist size. That will assure that the waist band will not leave a mark on your skin after wearing them for hours. I also recommend hand washing them several times before wearing them for the first time just to make sure you don't absorb any loose dye molecules into your skin and body.
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