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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 24, 2020
Update 5 months later:

I’ve always used Anker products just because of the quality. Literally everything. Cables, charging adapters, wireless chargers, etc.

My previous Anker lightning cable lasted me the entire life of my iPhone 6, about 3 years before I let someone use it and they bent near the connector.

So I decided to pick up this Power Line III cable thinking surely they improved it in some way. Boy was I wrong...

At first the cable started off as rigid. The more I used it, the more the cable sleeping material seemed to break down and finally give out on me. Mind you I intentionally hold some of the cable so that there is no stress on the connector part. I treat all my stuff very well.

I am shocked at the decline in quality. Whatever new material they’re using for the outer sleeving on the cable, they should go back to whatever they were using before. The material breaks down, and gets flimsy and the loss of rigidity allows the copper inside the cable to weaken and eventually break.

The cable is now completely unusable. It was finicky for about a week and new it was on its last legs.

Updated to 3 stars because of Anker's phenomenal customer service provided. This item in particular still receives a 1 star for lack of durability.

I've contacted Anker via e-mail and briefly explained the situation. I asked if there was an older model of equal or lesser value that they could provide a replacement of, and preferably a braided cable instead. She was able to get a replacement ordered for me and to throw the old cable away. I was convinced that their newer model was of inferior quality and didn't hold up well, so I asked if they could send me a replacement cable of equal or lesser value and that's an older model. They are sending me a Powerline 2 cable that's braided instead of another Powerline 3 - fingers crossed.

I sure hope that the quality of Anker isn't declining as they've built up a reputation that I have been able to fully trust up until this point.
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