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Hi! I'm Brooke 🤗 Wife. Mom. 2 kids under 2 years old. Also 2 teenagers. And 2 dogs. I'm seeing a trend... I'm just sharing my thoughts on the mundane things I use everyday. I hope this helps!
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1:182nd Pack We Bought and Here's What We Love
2:27Carpet Test - Does it Vacuum as Well As My Carpet Vacuum?
1:42See How This Foundation Covers My Psoriasis Flare Up
0:06How Well This Dyson Picks Up Small Particles
1:01See If There Is a Difference Between Dyson and Orfeld
1:17The Difference Between Audio Using the Mic vs No Mic
0:521 Year Later - A View On How Our Water Dispenser Works s
0:05Listen to How Quiet The Water Dispenser Is
0:05The Sound of This Hand Vacuum
0:50How This Hand Vac Picks up Small Particles
0:06The Size Difference Between These Batteries
0:05A Quick Visual Of This Battery
0:07How Our Vacuum Cleans the Smallest Particles
1:39My Thoughts On My Crossbody Purse
1:41My Thoughts On My Michael Kors Crossbody
0:08What My Crossbody Looks Like On
0:07What This Crossbody Looks Like On
3:46My Experience After 2 Babies
0:06How This Vacuum Works on Tile
0:06Expo Writing on a Board
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