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I love reviewing stuff that makes our lives easier. I'm real, I'm honest and I wear an orange wig along the way!
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1:56Backyard Storage Shed Walk-Thru
0:33Pool Filter Powered Pool Vacuum
0:53No-Gas Mower Vs Tall Grass!
0:33Water Resistant Shoes
0:32White Seagull Flying Around the Pool
6:18Mini LED Light for Car Dash - Uber Driver Light
2:07Powerful Lawn Sprinkler - Rotating Water Sprinler
3:40Waterproof Phone Pouches - Phone Pouches for Beach
2:17Travel Power Strip Demo - 3 USB Ports!
3:35USB Powered Mosquito Killer!
0:13Shoe Storage Heaven
0:33Clean Air = Happy Life!
3:53Shoe Storage System - Stackable Shoe Containers
4:23Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Review
3:39How to Use Air Purifier - Morento Air Filter
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