Nick Thacker
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USA Today Bestselling thriller author, dad, husband, whiskey and hockey connoisseur.
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1:02Perfect, compact, beautiful wireless charger.
0:41Awesome little set! Great quality and very compact!
0:31Great little batteries, wonderful capacity and high output
0:38Perfect little capture card, just as expected. Lightweight!
0:36Amazing in every way. Wear it every day, change your life.
0:55Amazing Kindle, great product, perfect form factor.
0:38Works great, just as name-brand does, perfect in every way!
0:41The real deal - worth it, and the best product Apple's made!
0:34Cute AirPods Pro case! works great, carabiner is useless
0:36Amazing sound, perfect frequency response, home studio ready
0:40The Nifty Fifty! Gotta have it. Must-have for the gear bag!
0:37A bit wobbly but not bad, better on hard floor
0:38Perfect little capture card, easy to use but wiggly
0:34Great prosumer-grade workhorse camera for photo and video!
0:42Wonderful option for great glass, perfect quality!
0:48Thin metal, but great compact size for posters and stuff
0:41Awesome tripod with great reach, good build
0:32Unbelievably good, for those MD addicts like me!
0:36Awesome workout tool, helpful friend, all-in-one joy!
0:36Best home studio upgrade... ever! Seriously amazing!
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